GreenGold Maintains healthy blood pressure, Promotes cardiovascular health, Burns fat & boosts metabolism, Fights free radicals with antioxidants,Balances blood sugar levels.

GREEN COFFEE BEAN EXTRACT contains two types of raw, unroasted green coffee bean extracts that are potent with 45% chlorogenic acid, caffeic acid, 3-4-5 caffeoylquinic acids, dicaffeolyquinic acids and other natural active compounds. These combined ingredients are clinically proven to promote healthy blood pressure, help burn fat and maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Low in caffeine, rich with polyphenols and antioxidants, GREEN COFFEE BEAN EXTRACT supports cardiovascular function, fights signs of ageing and assists with weight management without overstimulation.

How Does Green Coffee Bean Extract ?

The Key Ingredient that Makes GREEN COFFEE BEAN EXTRACT so Effective: Chlorogenic Acids: safe and effective plant extract that helps lower fat content while increasing natural beauty inside and out. Found to prevent oxidative damage, Chlorogenic Acids bind lower density lipoproteins (LDL cholesterol) while supporting healthy blood pressure and homocysteine levels. Chlorogenic Acids also protects the heart with all natural antioxidants. Clinical research suggests that chlorogenic acids are the driving force for superior weight loss!