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1.GET ENOUGH SLEEP:It not only keeps you healthy but also you will be happier.Usually, it requires about 8-9 hours of sleep for an adult and 9-10 hours for all children mostly teenagers and below that level. Always be sure to settle down and relax an hour before you go to bed because it will help you drift off more easily; read a book. 2.EAT HEALTHY FOODS:Avoid junk foods and eat fruits and green leafy vegetables every day. This will leave you feeling more energetic and happy. Replace unhealthy snacks like a chocolate bar with a piece of fruit or some nuts.Eat apples, watermelons, papaya, grapes, and other fruits to boost your immune system, increase your skin clarity/glow, and improve your eyesight. 3.DRINK PLENTY OF WATER:Water is good for everything in your body; the benefits of water are astounding. Water helps keep your skin clear, leaving you feeling happier and better about your body.Make sure to have it with you at all times whenever you are at work or at studies, or even during exercise sessions. Try to drink 8 glasses a day. 4.EXERCISE:Whether it's a brisk walk, a quick jog, martial arts, cardiovascular exercises, aerobics, dancing in your room, playing Wii Fit, anything like that will keep you feeling strong, happy and increase immunity. 5.SMILE AND LAUGH:Don't get sad over small issues or take any joke seriously which hurts you. Instead if you feel so hurt, prefer to stay away from that friend.Respect your friend from a good perspective. 6.ENJOY HOBBIES:This can be art, music, collecting things or whatever that makes you happy and makes you yourself. Try to be active and celebrate your achievements. Give gifts without expecting to receive anything else; keep yourself busy and happy. 7.SEPARATE YOURSELF AND IGNORE PEOPLE WHO ARE NASTY, CREATE RUMORS AND BRING YOU DOWN. 8.REMEMBER IMPORTANT THINGS. 9.MANAGE STRESS IN YOUR LIFE. 10.BE CONFIDENT. 11.HAVE GOALS:Failure comes in can't and success comes in cans. Always believe you can achieve. If you can dream it, you can achieve it; no matter what. 12.GET OUT AND HAVE SOME FRESH AIR:Go out with friends, go to a party, get together with the family, go on a bike ride, take a walk with your pet, and enjoy! 13.STAY TRUE TO YOURSELF:Never change yourself for anyone and anything. Always stay true to your faith and beliefs. Always have your dignity, never have regrets, always be the best that you can be! Also surround yourself with the people and things that you love. 14.BE INSPIRED BY MUSIC AND QUOTES:It's unbelievable how much this can affect you and change your whole life. So get inspired and love it. 15.LOVE LIFE:You have to love your life! Be proud, and laugh lots! Dream and wish,be whoever you want to be

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