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  • Contains: 500mg of Garcinia Cambogia - 60 capsules
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  • From: Straight from the land of coffee, Chickmagalur INDIA


65% Pure Veg Extract of Garcinia Cambogia
Each Serving Gives 500mg of Garcinia Cambogia
Superior Quality
Efficient Appetite Control

What Factors Make This Miracle Fruit Such a Prominent Figure in the Weight Loss Industry ?

Studies Have Shown That Garcinia Cambogia Extract
Acts as Powerful Appetite Suppressant
Helps Lose Weight and Slim Fast
Controls Sugar Craving
Increases Production of Seratonin - For Better Sleep
Enhances Mood and Helps to Reduce Stress

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Maintains healthy blood pressure

One of the ways the key compound, chlorogenic acid, has been shown to help reduce blood pressure is through its ability to positively act on nitric oxide, a molecule that works in the blood vessels, relaxing the vessel walls, and lowering blood pressure.

Promotes cardiovascular health

The overall benefit of chlorogenic acid for this aspect of the cardiovascular system – known as vasoreactivity. Helps support cardiovascular health,Up to 1000 mg extract per day, providing 50 - 500 mg chlorogenic acids and up to 40 mg caffeine per day

Burns fat & boosts metabolism

The Garcinia was able to help the body burn fat first, while limiting the amount of glucose released into the bloodstream – helping to support lean body mass, while reducing weight.

Fights free radicals with antioxidants

Lean body mass is important. Individuals with lean body mass tend to burn calories more efficiently than those with a higher percentage of body fat. However, in order to make the effects of Garcinia weight loss products last and stay permanent, one should also have the determination to eventually devote time on exercise and eating healthy.

Balances blood sugar levels

Weight, blood sugar, and blood pressure health concerns are often related. So aside from Garcinia extract’s weight reducing and blood sugar balancing abilities, there is more good news for anyone concerned about shedding extra pounds and getting their blood pressure numbers in better shape, too.

Supports healthy body fat and Lose Weight

I think that one of the biggest challenges facing anyone who wants to lose weight is that even with lifestyle changes, you feel like you need the right boost, without feeling jittery.Garcinia is the perfect choice. It enhances the body’s metabolism, inhibits the release of glucose in the bloodstream, and can help reduce blood pressure.